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Dear Prospective Member:

The Labor Research and Action Network (LRAN) is an exciting collaboration connecting academics and labor practitioners to build workplace and economic power for working people in this country. We believe that these strengthened relationships between researchers and labor organizers will enhance the quality of our respective areas of work, enrich our separate and shared experiences, and elevate our impact on the world.

Incubated in the spring of 2011, LRAN has garnered interest across the organizing and academic communities. Our founding event, a symposium at Georgetown University in June 2011, attracted 165 attendees from a dozen states. Our 2012 conference attracted nearly 200.

We ask you to join us by submitting our membership request form. There is no membership fee to join, though donations are strongly encouraged. There is a $25 annual registration fee in order to access the LRAN listserve and database. For those who make a minimum $25 tax-deductible donation to LRAN on our online membership donation page, website registration is free.

What LRAN does:

  1. Connects experts to practitioners: LRAN connects practitioners employing innovative strategies with scholars from a variety of disciplines who are interested in strategic research and advocacy efforts that support workers. We are building a database of scholars who can provide research, op-eds, legislative testimony or other forms of support.
  2. Convenes a national conference: At our conferences, respected scholars, leaders and staff of unions and worker centers, student leaders, and staff of allied organizations share lessons from historic and current campaigns, exchange big ideas, teach about innovative strategies and share best practices.
  3. Supports new scholars in the field: LRAN is pursuing funding for a postdoctoral fellowship program in Labor Studies for recent Ph.D. recipients as well as funding for dissertation fellowships. Recent Ph.D.s (for postdocs) or graduate students who have advanced to candidacy for the Ph.D. (for dissertation fellowships), in any scholarly discipline and at any accredited U.S. university, would be eligible if their research topic contributes to understanding the dynamics of labor relations. Fellowships would be awarded by a selection committee of faculty and other LRAN members.
  4. Maintains an online community of labor academics and labor practitioners: LRAN is now building a website, listserve, and matching service for researchers and organizing campaigns. The listserve is a private, members-only, web-based forum that combines the functions of a listserve, online forum/newsgroup, and a wiki.


The Labor Research Action Network (LRAN) has a three-part mission:

  1. To cultivate a more dynamic and organic relationship between labor academics engaged in cutting edge research and labor activists engaged in cutting edge organizing;
  2. To provide a space for the generation and exchange of new ideas and fresh thinking among labor leaders, activists, scholars and students; and,
  3. To help develop the next generation of labor academics and scholars committed to studying and building a progressive workers' movement.


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